Use This Letter To Help You Open Up

Fill in the blanks and start a conversation

Kaitlyn Baker / Unsplash

Kaitlyn Baker / Unsplash

Before you head into a conversation with someone about your mental health, it can be helpful to write everything down. You can get to the nitty-gritty of what you’re actually trying to say to someone.

It’s okay if you don’t know where to start or what to say. Use this template as a letter, email, text, or even as a script when you talk in-person—whatever you need it to be. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and personalize it with whatever you’re thinking and feeling. 

Dear (name),

Talking about my mental health is difficult. I trust you and want to speak honestly about myself and the things going through my mind. It’s easier for me to write it all down for you to read instead.

Since (amount of time),I’ve felt (alone, depressed, anxious, stressed, restless, overwhelmed)I’ve been (constantly uneasy, struggling to concentrate, unable to get out bed, losing interest in things I used to love, abusing drugs or alcohol, in unhealthy relationships, seeing or hearing things)

 I’ve decided it’s time to seek help from others and open up about these feelings and struggles. Telling you all of this makes me feel (scared, nervous, hopeful, ashamed, empowered, guilty), but I’m telling you this because (it’s impacting our relationship, I don’t want to feel like this anymore, I’m worried about myself, I’m afraid, I don’t know what to do next).

I hope that by opening up to you, (I can know I’m not alone, I can find myself again, you can understand me better, you know what my day-to-day life is like, we can support each other).  

I want to (find professional help, talk more in person, develop goals for getting better).

I know you may not know how to react, but neither do I. Thank you for being someone I can confide in and trust.  


(Your name)

Chris Wood