IDONTMIND is a mental health awareness program, working to break down the barrier of stigma and to bring help to those that need it. Our goal is to get people talking about their minds, and to generate positive messaging about mental health.

People talk more about what they wear than how they’re actually feeling. We try to use that to our advantage.

By doing some online shopping at the IDONTMIND store, you are both helping to raise money for mental health organizations and also getting the chance to fight stigma out in the open. A compliment—“I like your shirt, where did you get it?”—suddenly turns into an opportunity to discuss mental health.

And we're entirely nonprofit.

The IDONTMIND program is officially sponsored by Mental Health America, the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit. With over 200 affiliates in 41 states, 6,500 affiliate staff and over 10,000 volunteers, MHA brings over 100 years of experience and knowledge to the IDONTMIND program.