Your mind matters. Talk about it.

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A phrase becomes a movement.

Our mission to defeat the stigma surrounding mental illness starts with a simple phrase: IDONTMIND.

By saying IDONTMIND, you can help break down the barrier of stigma and bring hope to those who are struggling and afraid to speak up. Together, we can generate positive messaging and find creative ways of reaching those who need encouragement.


IDONTMIND talking about my mental health. admitting I need help. going to therapy. helping my best friend. sharing how I actually feel. leaning on my friends and family. speaking out. listening when my friends need me. reaching out for help. what others think. I am not alone.




Find ways to use your voice to fight shame.

Learn more about your mind and treatments.

You are not alone.

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Speak up on social.

Help normalize the conversation about mental health by choosing to speak up and say IDONTMIND to fear and shame. By being vocal, we can encourage acceptance and understanding. Use your social media to say IDONTMIND.


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