Learn more about your mind and treatments.

Without a healthy mind, we can't be fully healthy. But mental health isn’t as simple identifying symptoms and giving them a name. It’s a complicated system of local communities, government programs, research institutions, and many other pieces trying to fit together. It can be overwhelming to try and comprehend it all. Thankfully, resources like the National Alliance on Mental Illness provide helpful information and tools to assist in our understanding of mental health.

Warning Signs

Learn the common signs of mental illness, and what symptoms could be red flags.


43.8 million Americans. 1 in 5 adults. Learn the facts about mental illness.


Research is vital to advancing our understanding of mental health. Learn about clinical trials and studies.


Mental illness is a condition that affects a person’s thinking, feeling, or mood. Learn about different conditions, as well as their symptoms and treatments.


Wellness and recovery can be a reality for people living with mental health conditions. Learn about the many approaches to treatment.

Public Policy

Changes in policy can mean better outcomes for those living with mental health conditions. Learn about the important work to be done.